The Maestro
Blanco, arguably the most famous and successful artist to ever live in Bali, built his magnificent studio on top of a mountain overlooking the Campuan River. This flamboyant building, a unique blend of Balinese architecture imbued with the spirit of his native Spain, houses an interesting collection of works drawn from different periods of his long career. During his life it was visited daily by hundreds of people from all over the world. The artist, full of "Catalan charisma," earned himself the sobriquet "The Fabulous Blanco," an expression that mirrored his talent for creativity.


Blanco MasterpieceSand

A gyroscope whirls; and the reason you can tilt it into any position, and it stays steadfast, is because it has found its Center. Some people go in all directions, yet never find their Center. A small girl in a circus can control whirling plates because she relates to her Center. My works of art are very colored, yet harmonized; creating a Center of beauty and charisma such as in this painting of Dali within his famous timepiece.

Blanco MasterpieceErotica Water color on paper

Erotic works of art could be taken seriously; but this painting with five collaged pink candles is just a lot of fun! The circle is the yoni and the topmost candle is obviously the linggam. The stability of my frame is attained by the pyramid effect of the candles. The woman is happy, indeed, surrounded by all this artistic conglomeration.