The Maestro
Blanco, arguably the most famous and successful artist to ever live in Bali, built his magnificent studio on top of a mountain overlooking the Campuan River. This flamboyant building, a unique blend of Balinese architecture imbued with the spirit of his native Spain, houses an interesting collection of works drawn from different periods of his long career. During his life it was visited daily by hundreds of people from all over the world. The artist, full of "Catalan charisma," earned himself the sobriquet "The Fabulous Blanco," an expression that mirrored his talent for creativity.


Blanco MasterpieceBali Girl Oil on canvas

Now and then, when a painting is sold, and its collector eventually needs money, I buy it back such as this one to add to our permanent collection in our museum in Bali. This brown-skinned girl of Bali sports a turban upon her head of stylish rainbow colors. Frame, Blanco design.

Blanco MasterpieceThe Meaning of Life (Mystic - Erotica)
Water color / guace

Probably, because of the Erotic feeling in his painting, I am compelled to tell a true story that relates to this Mystic-Erotica.I received a letter from an enthusiastic Art collector from London in which he asks: "Antonio, you are rather Philosophic; what have you found to be the meaning of life?" My Answer: "When I am bitting into a ripe succulent Mango in my right hand, and at the same time fondling (with my left hand) the firm buttocks of an 18 year girl……..Model, THAT I have found to be the closest THING to a MEANING FOR LIFE" Frame of red and gold exotic Blanco - design.